My name is Valerio.

I am a senior frontend developer.

About me.

Nice to know you.

I am Valerio Sillari and I code websites, focusing on responsive web design and performances.

In the past years I had experiences as Content Editor, Graphic Designer, Post Production. I worked for private and public companies and also on the set of shorts, documentaries and advertising.

Now I work as Senior Frontend Developer: minimalism, simplicity, web performance and user experience are my passions.

Right now I'm working in Berlin, Germany, at Exozet (part of Endava).


Html (Html5, Twig, Pug)
Css (Css3, Sass, Less)
JS (Vue, React, ES6, jQuery)
Webpack, Gulp
Symfony2, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress
Design (Adobe Suite, Sketch)
Server (NodeJS, Npm, Yarn)


What I love to do.


Let's stay in touch.

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